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Helping independent artists bring their ideas to life.

Founded in 2020 with the philosophy that overcoming any hardships is possible through cooperation. We are here to help artists and creators to achieve more.

Who we are

We are an independent group of passionate individuals collaborating to bring you beautifully designed, unique products - designed by independent artists and designers.

Created by artists, for artists.


To help our designers with a global reach, we work with fulfillment providers worldwide. We always aim to produce the products locally while providing global delivery. This way we decrease our carbon footprint while providing creators more flexibility.

Example: Orders from the USA are fulfilled in the USA and Americas, while orders in Europe are made in various countries in Europe.

Our products are

  • Quality-tested
  • Selected by the artist
  • Wherever you are - we can ship to you

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for the ♥ of art

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